Director vs. Management Company

Did you know that you can entrust the management of a company not to an in-house director, but to a management company? Such corporate management is gaining popularity among IT companies.

What are the advantages of a management company?

  1. According to the law, the director has many obligations. Do many directors know the requirements for labor protection and handling personal data? A competent management company will know these requirements precisely and keep track of changes in them in a timely manner.
  2. The director can do everything that is not restricted by the charter. There is a risk that the director may use these powers in their own interests. To solve this problem, turning to an authoritative management company that values its reputation can help.
  3. Another way to avoid dishonest management is to properly divide decision-making responsibilities among different people. As a management company, REVERA uses special tools to build business processes for the managed company according to the wishes of its owners. Owners can independently determine which actions require the prior approval of the management company and which only require informing.
  4. Unlike an in-house director, payments to a management company are not subject to personal income tax and contributions to the Social Security Fund. A management company does not need to equip a workplace, buy office equipment, or offer a benefits package.
  5. A management company will not go on vacation, get sick, or quit. Even if for some reason the leader of the management company cannot sign a document, another representative can always do so promptly.


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