Trademarks from lawyers to business: what, why and how to register

Registration of trademarks in various jurisdictions is one of the most frequent requests in REVERA law group. Our lawyers have prepared an informative and interesting guide on what is considered a trademark, why it is beneficial for a company to register it, when it is appropriate and when it is not, how to prepare for trademark registration, what is the procedure and cost, what needs to be done after the trademark is registered.

The guide contains answers to frequently asked questions when registering trademarks, as well as tips that may be useful for IT businesses and IT lawyers who are faced with trademark registration for the first time. In this guide, you can find "translations" of legal terms into the language of business, which will help make the process of registering a trademark more understandable for all its participants.

The guide will be useful both for the head of the company and for the in-house lawyer.

Our experts will be able to help you with any issues of trademark registration or resolving disputes related to a trademark.

download the guide