The REVERA law group has initiated an interactive map project of special tax regimes for structuring IT business, named REVERA IT map.


The REVERA IT map is an interactive map that currently covers 42 countries and 58 unique tax regimes for technology companies in different parts of the world. At the moment, it is one of the largest open databases containing basic information about tax regimes that companies can use when deciding to expand their business to other jurisdictions. In the future, the map will be supplemented with new information collected and processed by REVERA law group's lawyers.

Economic development and market changes happen in the world every day. Currently, one of the most common requests to legal firms serving IT businesses involves researching and selecting suitable jurisdictions for business structuring.

Ranking of preferential regimes

The REVERA IT map project aims to simplify the initial collection of information about available tax regimes for tech companies in order to prepare a more detailed technical specification for implementing such a project.

The REVERA IT map currently contains information about 58 tax regimes, analyzed by the firm's lawyers. When choosing a country on the interactive map, you can get basic information such as:

  • VAT rate,
  • corporate tax rate,
  • conditions under which tax benefits apply.

All countries available on the map are rated from 1 to 5. The rating is made by REVERA law group's lawyers based on a comparative evaluation of the proposed preferential regimes, and it reflects the lawyers' opinion on the conditions of preferential regimes, their accessibility, and attractiveness from a business perspective.

Additionally, REVERA law group's legal team can assist in identifying the most suitable country and regime, taking into account the specific requirements of the company.

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